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The life you are seeking, is seeking you right back. No matter where you’re at in your quest to freedom and success, the perfect next step is always available to you when you’re ready to take it. It’s time to leap into the Manifestation Queen world!

Below you will find my most popular programs and courses to help you quantum shift your reality, elevate your mindset, nail your business strategy and gain total clarity on your vision for your future (along with the roadmap to making it a reality!). Click on the button next to a program to learn more about instantly enrolling it in, or to go on the waitlist for when it next launches.

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Manifestation Queen Academy

Deep inside, you know you are meant for so much more in this world. That there is so much more to you than your present reality. The Manifestation Queen Academy was created for the woman who is ready to unleash, ready to bust through all the limitations around her, and ready to step into her full queen energy and create a life and business she is wildly passionate about. This four week course will take you from the foundations of rewiring your mind, to unlocking your inner powers, and fully stepping into the version of you who has it all - on her terms. This program has been created with the deepest intentions to infuse you with the energy of success, to become who you need to become to step into that next level version of you.

Even the name has been chosen with full intention for your breakthrough - if you love numerology, you’re going to love this. Manifestation Queen Academy, vibration 628: “A master vibration for wealth. This gives a sense of growth and responsibility to the future. Law of attraction, as powered by the heart and relationship makes this an absolute powerful name to create business and long love.”

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Schedule your way to success

Schedule Your Way To Success

One of the biggest things I see holding female entrepreneurs back, is that they don’t know how to maximise the time they are spending on their business. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you’re being productive! One of my absolute favourite things in the world to talk about is setting yourself up in a way that hacks your peak performance. 

When we are intentional with our time (our daily schedules), we super charge our momentum and can get so much more done in a day than we thought was possible. This doesn’t mean flooding your to-do list, it means structuring your day in a way that both serves you, and removes all the guess-work out of trying to decide what to do when. 

In this workshop, I take you through the most important aspects to have in place when designing a schedule for success, and help you personalise it to your own life so that you’re doing what matters, when it matters. 

Grab your notebook, put on your planning panties, and let’s get stuck in! 

Private 1:1 Queen Expansion Coaching

Ready to play an even bigger game and take your manifestation skills to the next level? Private 1:1 coaching with Melissa isn’t just about nailing your online strategy or aligning yourself with source energy for rapid manifestation. It’s about being in the energy of flow, and powerfully combining strategy, science and spirituality to quantum leap your results. It’s about personalised advice, deeper understanding of rewiring your mind, and becoming the version of you who already has it all - on her terms. 

This is a 6 week private coaching container, tailored to you and designed to help you map out the steps required to step into that next level version of you before you’re ready. It includes 1 x 60 minute call per week and free access to one paid program (of your choice). Email to apply, with a description of your upcoming goals, and why you want to hire her as a private coach.

help make a difference
help make a difference

Queens giving back to humanity.

Along with helping entrepreneurs create their own version of freedom, a HUGE passion of mine is to take that freedom even further to the darkest parts of the world and make a difference in the fight to combat human trafficking.

5% of all courses and coaching proceeds go towards supporting Operation Railroad Underground, an organisation that is committed to not only freeing children from sex trafficking and slavery, but to help them re-integrate back into society too.

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