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Freedom has always been one of my highest core values, but I knew living life paycheck to paycheck in my soul-destroying corporate job was never going to be the answer.

Escaping from the window

I was about two years old when I had my first real attempt at freedom.

Yup, that’s me, trying to escape from my bedroom window when I was but a toddler (clearly it wasn’t a two sock job).

When I was about 6, I made the decision that life under my parents rule just wasn’t for me. I packed up the essential survival items required in my bedroom - mostly about 50 different Disney video tapes, some clothing, my blanket and duvet, and a Ziplock bag of left-overs from the fridge.

I then sat my parents down very formally and thanked them for everything they had done for me so far, and announced that I was ready to head out into the world on my own. I requested that they “let me go” and proceeded to tell them about all the amazing adventures I’d planned. I still remember the intense bubbling excitement I felt at the idea of exploring the world.

In true parental style, they bribed me to stay with ice-cream, but that passion and fire for freedom never left.




My parents were both in corporate jobs for all of my life growing up, so naturally, that became my aspiration.

They earned good money, so I began to equate the idea of income with freedom. Turns out that isn’t quite the case when you’re in corporate. They both worked incredibly long hours every day, and were exhausted by the time they got home.

A few years later, the cracks in their relationship started to show, and they ended up divorcing when I was 14. From there, my teenage years felt like a constant struggle. I wasn’t quite sure where I belonged, and my dad left to move back to Scotland when I was 15. I didn’t see him for the next 8 years.

At the age of 20, I decided to move from my home country of South Africa to start a brand spanking new life in New Zealand. My mum and step-dad had moved over two years prior, and I finally decided to take the leap and join them in a new country. To say it was a tough adjustment is an understatement... I knew nobody but my parents, and was starting an entire new life from scratch with still not much of an idea what to do with it.

My parents were both in corporate jobs for all of my life growing up, so naturally, that became my aspiration.
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About Melissa
My Story

I landed my first job in New Zealand in a few months, getting paid a grand $16.50 an hour as a receptionist.

Needless to say, it wasn’t overly fulfilling. A year later I decided to dive into the world of higher education and finally get my university degree - you know, to sound somewhat professional with letters behind my name and hopefully one day work my way up the corporate ladder.

I remember feeling this deep sense of frustration before I started my degree. I was SO unhappy working for someone else - something always felt like it was missing. I convinced myself that a degree would make me happy, that it would definitely be the missing piece!

Four years, countless hours and a mountain of student debt later, I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in accounting and marketing. Wooohooooo! This is it! This was my ticket to fulfillment and job satisfaction! *happy dance*

Oh boy but was I wrong. No matter what job I worked, or how good my secure salary was, nothing really lit me up. There had to be a different way... I stepped into the world of entrepreneurial side-hustles, trying my hand at everything from different e-commerce stores, blogging, vlogging, and throwing the odd inspirational quote up on Facebook for good measure.


My love for helping others lead me into the world of online business coaching. I’ve always been passionate about people, and figured I could couple this with my education and previous business experience.

In 2017, I took my first BIG leap of faith and quit my 9-5 marketing job to focus on my coaching business full time. I felt on top of the world!

[ Little did I know, I’d be back living with my parents, looking for another job just a few months later ]

I thought the only reason I wasn’t rolling in the cheddar YET, was that I didn’t have enough time to work on growing my business. Surely if I just had more time (without the inconvenience of having to show up at my job each day), I’d skyrocket to success in no time. Right? WRONG.

Omg wrong. How wrong. Would not advise smiley

In just a few short months, I had completely run out of money and clients. Turns out, you need more than just time on your hands to build a sustainable income online.

I had to make a soul-destroying decision. One that felt like it went against every grain of my freedom-loving self.

I needed to find another job.

In that moment, I had never felt like a bigger failure. Defeated, and unsure whether I’d ever really figure this freedom thing out, I joined the 9-5 rat race again. Living each day on repeat, driving the same route to and from work, hating Mondays and counting down the days until Friday. Wishing my life away until 5pm each day.


I wasn’t living. I was merely surviving.

I remember looking out my window at work one morning. It was the most stunning, glorious, sunshine-filled day, and I felt sick to my stomach. I felt my body tighten, and a deep sense of frustration like I hadn’t experienced before. I didn’t want to be in this grey cubicle, starting at a computer screen, doing less than exciting work that did nothing to fulfill my soul. I wanted to be out there, in the sunshine, living my best life and exploring the big beautiful world.

I made a commitment to myself on that day in December 2017. I would figure this online thing out, no matter what it took. My soul called me forward that day, and it was a huge turning point in my life. Working for someone else just wasn’t an option anymore, I had deemed myself “willingly unemployable”.

At that point, the goal was to just earn $5,000 per month.

All I needed to do was find a way to replace my salary. If I could just earn what I was currently getting paid, I’d be able to resign (AGAIN - this time hopefully successfully) and work for myself doing the things I loved the most.

I made a pact with the universe - show me how to create a life of freedom, and I’ll help others do the same.

I’m a big believer that you can’t really teach someone to do something you haven’t been able to figure out for yourself, and I was more determined than ever to make it happen.

Not just for me, but for everyone else who longed for the same sense of freedom I craved.

That night, I sat down and got clear on exactly what I wanted my life to look like. I felt into my vision of being able to travel the world, positively impacting others while being highly compensated for doing work that I absolutely loved. I made myself available to all opportunities that came my way, and trusted that I’d be led to exactly what I needed to do while holding my vision for freedom close.

Within a month, a new affiliate marketing income stream opened up to me. One that leveraged automation and high ticket sales, with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs all supporting each other to succeed. I felt the nudge of my soul, and decided to fully trust and back myself WHILE stepping into that next level version of me every day. I jumped into the business boots and all.

In February 2018, I had my first $3,000 day in business.

I had proven to myself that this business model worked, but still had SO much fear around resigning from my secure job for the second time. The last time didn’t go quite as planned! I don’t think we ever feel completely ready for a huge change in our lives, but it felt different this time. I felt supported, aligned, and more confident about my path than I’d ever been before.

Needless to say, everyone I spoke to about it told me to wait before resigning. That’s the interesting part about our closest friends and family - they generally do want the best for us, but no one will ever be able to feel your soul calling like you can. I went against every piece of conventional advice I got, and handed in my resignation letter (somewhat of a sweaty, nervous wreck, but with an air of excitement and freedom that I couldn’t ignore!).

Freedom Fest

Three weeks later, I walked out of that office for the last time as a free woman. My business was thriving, and I could work completely online, so I made the even more radical decision to sell up 95% of what I owned and take off to finally adventure across the world.

Side note - allow more than a week to sell all your things if you choose that route, it’s rather stressful doing it in that timeframe smiley

My vision for freedom had manifested itself in the most glorious, unpredictable way.

Melissa and Sam

That’s the thing about manifestation, our goals will often come to us in ways we least expect. It’s not your job to know the HOW, it’s just your job to know the WHAT and the WHY.

Allow the universe to deliver the HOW to you, and make sure you’re ready to jump on the inspired action when it lands!

Since then, everything has changed. I traveled the world full-time in 2018 with zero agenda or any real plan. I stayed in a country longer when it felt right, left earlier if I wanted to, and never booked a flight more than 48 hours in advance that entire year. If that’s not freedom, I don’t know what is 🙂

I now live in sunny Nelson, New Zealand with my incredible fiancé Sam, and am more dedicated than ever to help women all around the world manifest the life and business of their dreams. I know it’s possible, I’m living proof. I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family, and never received a single handout along the crazy rollercoaster of a business journey.

I just had a dream and a burning desire for freedom, and wouldn’t stop until I wasn't living my most “fuck yes!” life possible. It’s time to make that dream a reality for you too gorgeous.

My mission has now grown way beyond just freeing myself and changing my own life.

I believe that we are all here for a divine purpose, and have the ability to create the income, impact and FUN we want out of this life. We truly are so limitless in our potential, and I can’t wait to hear more about your journey too as you embark on the quest of manifesting your most abundant life.

You are meant for great things in this life, here’s to you Queen!
Your empire awaits xx

With love, Melissa

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I was about two years old when I had my first real attempt at freedom.